Covid -19 Update

5/16/2020 – 5/31/2020 COVID-19 UPDATE ~ DRIVE IN SERVICE

This coming Lord's Day, we will be having a drive-in service in the church parking lot at 10:45am! Please tune your car radios to FM station 87.5 to be able to listen to the service more clearly from your cars. We will also be doing a livestream of the sermon at 12:15pm PST, for those who do not feel comfortable coming to the drive-in service.

Please note that because this service is being held in the parking lot of the church, we suggest that you arrive earlier than usual (10:15 or so?), as we will have to have everyone parked at least 6 feet away from each other.

As we seek do this, we do have the following guidelines:

Attendees are asked by the Governor to stay in their cars the entire time. We are shortening the service since Governor Inslee has asked that people not even get out of their cars to go to the bathroom.

You are allowed to have your windows rolled down. We have ordered an FM transmitter, but it may not be here by Sunday. In that case, Pastor Toby will simply have a speaker, and we will hope for the best.

You are encouraged by Governor Inslee to wear facemasks and any protective gear you deem necessary.

There will be boxes by the exits marked “Offering,” if you would like to leave your offerings there as you depart from the parking lot.

We will hand out sheets with the lyrics for our worship songs as you come in. Elders/deacons handing them out will have gloves and masks. Please wave or nod, but do not shake their hands as you come in, as that would render their gloves soiled.

Wcan't wait to see you again…even if it's just in your cars! 

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