The Sufficiency of Christ

Reading: Exodus 16:13-18

Sermon: John 6:1-15

Discussion Quesions:

1) Why might people want to “remove God” from a passage like this?

2) In what ways do we see the same thing in our day and age that John records in verse 2?

3) What are some parallels between this passage and the exodus? Why are those parallels significant?

4) Why did the people miss the significance – the message – of this event?

5) Read verses 10-11 again.  Why does John specially tell us that only those who were seated were fed?  What is the spiritual lesson there for us?

6) Is there anything significant about the number of elements (2 fish and 5 barley loaves) Jesus multiplied?  Is there anything significant about the number of baskets (12) of leftovers?

7) Philip was being tested (v.6). In the end, did he pass the test?  Why or why not?

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