The Testimony of Scripture

Reading: Luke 24:13-27

Sermon: John 5:39-47

Discussion Questions:

1) Why does Jesus spend so much time focusing on the testimony of the Scriptures?

2) What are some real-life examples of the way that people use Scripture to exalt themselves? What are some ways that people can read the Scriptures to exalt someone other than themselves, but not Jesus (think of the religious leaders and their view of Moses)?

3) Be honest with yourself: how prone are you to search the Scriptures to confirm your interests or ideas? How should a person deal with that tendency?

4) Pastor Toby talked about the importance of wanting and expecting to be challenged by Scripture.  Why is that important?  What are the risks associated with NOT wanting to be challenged by Scripture?

5) What are the three primary ways that we see the Old Testament Scriptures testifying of or directing us to Jesus?

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