Like Father, Like Son

Reading: 2nd Kings 5:1-7

Sermon: John 5:17-24

Discussion Questions:

1) Why is Jesus not guilty of breading the command to observe the Sabbath?

2) Why does Jesus defend Himself by claiming to be God rather than simply correcting the theological misunderstandings of the Jewish leaders?

3) Can people who deny that Jesus is fully God be saved? Why not?

4) Why does Jesus' willful subordination to the will of the Father NOT imply that He's inferior to the Father?

5) in what way does Jesus claim to be God in John 5:23?

6) Why does it dishonor the Fther for a person to dishonor the Son? What does it mean to “dishonor the Son?”

7) How do you respond to the claim that Christians think they're better than everyone else by thinking that they're the only ones God will save?

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