The Inability of Man and the Power of God

Reading: Isaiah 54:1-8

Sermon: John 5:1-9

Discussion Questions

1)  Since Jesus healed more people than we're told about, why did John tell us about this specific healing?

2)  Why did Jesus go to this pool called “Bethesda” while He was in Jerusalem?

3)  What does the fact that “multitudes” of people are waiting by the pool for the water to be stirred reveal about them?  What was their hope in?  How do people in our time do the same thing, spiritually-speaking?

4)  Some people argue that it's not fair that God only saves some.  But the same argument could be made here: was it unfair that Jesus healed this man?  Was it unloving in any way?  How would you respond to someone who accuses Jesus of injustice here?

5)  Why does Jesus ask this powerless man if he wanted to be healed (v.6)?  Why was it loving and not cruel  And what does the man's response (v.7) reveal?

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