Our Portion in Life and Deliverer in Death

Reading: Acts 13:26-37

Sermon: Psalm 16:1-11

Discussion Questions:

1)  What is the request that David makes in this psalm? How does this request demonstrate Biblical faith (v.1)?

2)  Why is it important to realize that we have no good in us, apart from God (v.2)?

3)  Why does love for God result in a love for His saints (v.3)?

4)  Why is it important that we believe that God is sovereign, all-powerful, and good? What difference does it make in good times? In hard times?

5)  What pagan “gods” are you tempted or inclined to serve? How can you overcome that temtation?

6)  How do we find peace and contentedness in every circumstance (v.5)?

7)  Many people have the idea that Christianity is a joyless religion. Why is that? Why is it NOT a joyless religion (v.11)?

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