Jesus Called Thomas

Guest Speaker: Pastor Highland Goodman

Reading John 11:1-16

Sermon notes: His name…Thomas (Hebrew), Didymus (Greek) “The twin”

His occupation was probably a fisherman (John 21:1-2)

His idendity was called/chosen by Jesus (John 15:16)

As we take a close look at the portrait of Thomas that John alone paints for us relating to his development as a disciple of Jesus Christ, there are some definite lessons to be learned…and then the words of Thomas are applied to our lives, they should “Rekindle and reignite our passion to live for Christ” (John 11:1-16) (Matt. 10:38-39, Luke 11:26, Acts 15:26 & Rev. 12:11) / “Rekindle and reignite our passion to be with Christ & to learn from Christ” (John 14:1-6) / “Rekindle and reignite our passion to worship Christ” (John 20:24-28).

Our take away from our Risen Savior today is clear…Like Thomas I called you,,, Like Thomas, live for me, look for me, learn from me & worship me!

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